We serve Banks, Banking Institution (Factoring, Leasing, Asset Management Companies) and Corporate Companies.

Competition among companies have drastically reduced the profit margins over the last years. Economic instabilities have pushed down the sales numbers. Digitalisation, moving of the business processes to the digital world is lowering the production costs. Because of the increase in efficiency, companies are enjoying a greater return for their work.

We engineer custom-made, tailored-to-fit applications for our customers. These applications can be used both on customers premises and on the cloud.

Trade Registry Tracking

Daily tracking of trade registries of both current and potential customers of Banks for credit risk evaluation. Large Corporate Companies can also use this service to track their independent branches.

Asset Management Tracking

Daily report for tracking of the newly formed companies of debtors and guarantors of the debts taken over by Asset Management Companies from Banks and Financial Institutions.

Credit Allocation System

Application for removing the accounting window dressing on Banks customer trial balance. We work on searchable pdfs, convert them to the format banks work with and check it according to the accounting standards. Thus saving time on credit approval times.


Due to the high cost of Personnel and scarcity of time of our customers, we work as an outsourcing company to complete those tasks as a temporary/permanent solution.

DashBoard for Decision Makers

Tailor-made Dashboard to follow the key performance indexes on all areas of operations. Helps to spot areas that needs to be worked on instantly. Reports can be scheduled as frequently as needed.

Archiving Solution

Tailor-made solution for management and archiving of intra-company documents.Work flows can be structured to suit the needs of the customer.

About Us

We have been working in Finance for over 14 years. We have been serving customers with Financial Technology for over 6 years. We serve the Financial World with the speed and quality it deserves. We work on developing new products for our customers everyday.

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